Tennis Pointer Racket Training Equipment Tennis Pointer wooden spoon for middle Hitting Beginner Kids

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TENNIS POINTER RACKET : This handmade wood tennis training trainer looks like spoon a tennis grip on the handle for developing juniors up to touring.

ACCURATE SWING PRACTICE : Keep a better eye on the ball, feel the distance between the ball and the body, and have a more accurate track to hit the sweet spot!

TRAINING AID : Improve your ability to react and predict (especially volley ball),Improve the ability to adjust the pace and grasp the timing of swinging in the face of high-pressure balls.

PRACTICE : Better use the strength of the body to hit the ball and extend the effective hitting area (the stability of the leading force of the arm is poor and it is not easy to hit the sweet area).

CLEAR POSITION : Perfect the ball toss on your serve the position of the sweet spot is very clear, which greatly increases the probability of hitting the sweet spot!


Material: Wood

Length: 55cm/21.65inch

Color: Purple/Yellow

Size Chart:


Package Includes:

1 Piece Tennis Pointer Racket